Most of the metal detectors pass this basic test, but it goes beyond that. As the name suggests, it is used to blacklist some undesirable metal elements considered junk. Low frequencies have longer wavelengths and are thus able to penetrate deeper in the ground or seabed. Most of them were influenced to buy their metal detectors because of their frequency. Pulse Induction, on the other hand, is ideal for highly mineralized fields and uses one coil for transmission and reception as well.

Instead of fully computerized ground-balancing, you have the option to choose between Alkaline, Normal and Black Sand. The SuperTraq has a high frequency of 17.5 kHz for gold searching capabilities, which is not as high as the AT Gold or the Gold Bugs’ 19kHZ, but it’s still good enough to find tiny nuggets of gold in highly mineralized soils. The Gold Bug measures 28.3 x 6 x 10 inches and weighs a paltry 4.6 lbs.  You’ll need 2 AA batteries to power it up. For those of us that need glasses to read, the Gold Bug helps out with a large LCD display. One of the great features of the Gold Bug is the no-motion pinpoint, something other more expensive detectors don’t include.

Other features include the clear read-out, 10 sensitivity levels, pre-set notch discrimination patterns, full numerical target ID and depth indicator. While I’ve talked about a wide range of features, settings and other considerations, you don’t need to fully understand everything about metal detecting before you get your first detector.

If you really like treasure hunting and you go hunting for relics then you should choose a metal detector which have more sensitiveness capabilities. Metal detecting is a fantastic and rewarding hobby and in my 10 years of treasure hunting I’ve seen how rapidly technology is changing the game. Someone who has already tried metal detecting and received some metal detecting tips for beginners might be very confident that they will enjoy treasure hunting.

This comes in handy when in a beach for example where there could be many noises around from deposits on the sand. It has automatic tuning and ground balance which acclimatize to the ground. It is suitable for sweeps in the beach, at the park or in your own backyard.

Device is 24.1 inches long, 7.5 icnhes wide and 5.1 inches long. Pinpointing function enables you to specify the location of metal object. The volume is adjustable and there is jack for headphones so you can hear more loudly the most faded signals or change of signals that will lead you to the target. Device is comfortable to hold because it has padded armrest, soft handgrip and it weighs 2.3 pounds so it’s not heavy.

This allows the user to narrow down the search and the discriminate pattern, providing precise target identification. Safari offers a trash density feature, allowing the user to optimize detecting in location with various concentrations of trash in soil.

This detector is also one of the best of the popular Garrett Metal Detectors. The Fisher F2 has a pinpoint tracking mode, ten adjustable sensitivity levels and can detect metals as deep as 9 inches below the surface.

This metal detector also has 6 different search modes and a very large display screen. If your looking for the best metal detector for gold, the Fisher F75 is a good choice. Balance all of the features with its light weight and design this will be a metal detector that you will keep around for a long time without the need for upgrading.

These are pretty important questions because there’s al lot of difference between hunting in the desert or at a beach, You must take this into account when making your choice. If you’re not planning to travel a lot you should investigate what kind of places there are close to you’re own town to hunt, and on what kind of ground you’re planning to search, you also  could do some historical research in the area. Things like what en where I wil go hunting are really important for you to choose the right detector. When you’re living close to a beach its really nice to search for jewelry.

What i really like about this detector is the 9 segment Visual and Numerical Target Identification which allows you to separate the trash from Coins, this wil safe you a lot of digging. For hunting in all kind of circumstances the detector is build with a weatherproof design which means that the control module is rain proof but it can’t be submerged. The detector comes with 4 easy to manage operating Modes JEWELRY, ARTIFACT,COIN and CUSTOM.

And if you’re still worried about whether this device will suit you, its 2-year warranty should erase all your doubts. For, in addition to the detector itself, 1x Multi-Function Folding Shovel and 1x Beginners guidebook is included in the package, and that is apart from the user-guide.